SAV (Scale Asia Ventures) launches debut early-stage fund in commitments to support enterprise-focused startups globally


Wally Wang


Well-positionedto support enterprise-focused startups, especially expat-founded withdistributed teams, for scaling their businesses globally.


SAV (Scale Asia Ventures), a Silicon Valley-basedventure capital firm, has launched its $30M inaugural early-stage fund incommitments to support enterprise-focused companies globally. Fund backersinclude institutional funds, prominent family offices, and publicly-tradedconglomerates in U.S as well as S. Korea, Japan and Singapore. Beyondearly-stage funding, SAV also fuels its portfolios with later-stage fundings directlyfrom its deep-pocketed Limited Partner base. SAV is committed to provide its portfolios withstrong U.S. and Asia market expertise and a unique global network of strategiccorporate partners.


“SAV invests intotechnologies that bring intelligence to essential industries. Post pandemic, weenvision strong tailwinds for expat founders to build global businesses withdistributed teams. Being in Silicon Valley with a global expertise, we want tohelp them from zero to IPO.” said Wally Wang, Founding Managing Partner.


SAV’sFounding Managing Partner Wally began hiscareer as PM at Microsoft Bing. He later built data platforms at Pebble (YCombinator W11) and Misfit, both of which were merged as criticalinfrastructure into Google’s Wear OS. Wally has spent close to a decade inenterprise software space as an operator in both U.S. and Asia, including LatticeEngines in martech (acq. by NYSE: DNB) and DataVisor in cybersecurity(Sequoia & NEA-backed). Before launching SAV, Wally has been advisingfamily offices and conglomerates on software investments and serving on theboards of portfolios with roughly $300M incapital deployed. Some of his notable deals include: Talkdesk, VAST Data,Nucleai, Qventus, Uhnder, AppZen, CloudVector (acq. by NASDAQ: IMPV) etc. Hewas a visiting scholar at Carnegie Mellon University and studied in the PhDprogram at NYU Stern School of Business.


SAV’sventure partner team includes seasoned executives with deep domain expertiseacross industry leaders like Google Cloud, Merck, Samsung, Splunk, Amgen, PaloAlto Networks, F5, Hyundai, BMS, Dell, Kakao, Bespin Global and StanfordMedical School. More to be found here on SAV’s team.


“Wallyhas been integral towards thought leadership in enterprise software, especiallyAI/ML space, and mentoring alumni entrepreneurs with his deep technicalexperience in operations and global industry insights from the cross-borderbusiness community.” said SAV’s scientific advisor and Limited Partner AnindyaGhose, the Heinz Riehl Chair Professor of Business at NYU Stern School ofBusiness.


Somenotable SAV’s existing portfolio companies include:


●     Enterprise Software:

○      Nylas - communications APIs forworkflow automation and digital experiences

○     Metadata - operating system for B2Bmarketers

○     Molecula - feature store as a service

○     Superconductive – open-source data quality tool

○     PangeaCyber – unitingsecurity for app builders

●     Life Science/BioTech:

○      Kernal Bio - onco-selective mRNA

●     Next-Gen Technologies:

○      Golden- Adecentralized canonical knowledge graph

More tobe found here on our portfolio companies.


“ScaleAsia Ventures and Wally’s robust operator network have been instrumental toNylas’ growth. Their support, technical expertise, and understanding of ourproduct market fit have helped us to build and nurture connections with keypartners, customers, and more.” said Gleb Polyakov, Co-Founder & CEO ofNylas.


“Wefeel very lucky to work with SAV and value their deep expertise up and down themodern data stack, their GTM perspective, and most importantly their globalnetwork of customers, investors, and talent.” said Higinio O. Maycotte, CEO ofMolecula.


“We’reexcited to welcome SAV to our cap table. Their support goes beyond capital asthey brought in corporate and investor networks to help our business thrive andcross pollinate with their other portfolio companies.” said Gil Allouche, CEOof Metadata.

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