Why we invested in Webiny


Wally Wang


Launched in 2019, Webiny started as a developer-friendly serverless CMS (Content Management System). The company built an open source platform on which developers can build, deploy and operate websites and apps that run on top of a serverless infrastructure. In addition to a serverless CMS, Webiny has recently developed a serverless application framework that focus on building full-stack apps and scalable and performant GraphQL APIs. Overall Webiny is viewed as the easiest way to help enterprises adopt serverless within their organizations.

We are intrigued by what Webiny was doing as we have seen the future of serverless.

Serverless is a way of delivering infrastructure in an automated way, so that the developer can concentrate on building the application and focusing on business requirements without worrying about delivering the correct amount of resources. Serverless is making big changes to how people can operate, deploy, architect and run applications. By moving to serverless, enterprises are estimated to save more than 50% of all infrastructure and maintenance costs, while building things faster.

Besides, serverless architecture can automatically scale infinitely and instantaneously to the exact compute requirements needed, so no more scaling headaches for enterprises even when facing with the most challenging workloads or spikes in traffic.

Transition to serverless, however, usually comes with a series of challenges that prevent an organization from adopting serverless or create extra burdens that an organization have to face with after the adoption. Because of the lack of tooling solutions, majority of companies that have decided to develop serverless applications by themselves had to take a long and painful process of building the custom tooling. Webiny now provides a simple solution that eliminates all those challenges and allows enterprises to focus completely on their business logics.

Serverless is estimated to be a $50B market with at least 1M enterprises as potential target base, and we found that Webiny currently is the only company that provides a featured complete solution on the market, with a more mature level of technologies which stands out from its competitors.

We also have strong faith in the founder team – CEO Sven AI Hamad (ex-Akamai, a huge cloud service provider) and CTO Pavel Denisjuk (ex-CTO of the first online insurance agency in Croatia), both of whom had vast experience in the industry, building and scaling large and complex cloud infrastructure projects, with key insights on what’s useful for developers and clear vision of the serverless market. The company currently has nine employees, with plans to add about six more over the reminder of 2021.

Another thing we noticed about Webiny is that the founder team has done an excellent job of building a community – right now the company hosts a slack community with close to a 1,000 developers and has 4700 GitHub stars at last count. A lot of user feedbacks came through the community and provide an inkling of what the company should build next.

Webiny recently raised $3.5M in seed round, led by Microsoft’s venture fund M12, with participation from Scale Asia Ventures, Samsung Next, Episode 1, Cota Capital and YCombinator. This is a huge milestone for Webiny, we are excited to be working with the team, and continue holding high hopes for what they can achieve in the coming future!

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