Decoding the Future: Generative AI and Our Investment in Fiddler AI


Wally Wang

July 28, 2023

At Scale Asia Ventures, we have a keen eye for technological disruptors capable of shaping the future. One such innovation caught our attention recently, leading to our investment in Fiddler AI. Fiddler AI is at the forefront of Explainable AI (XAI) development, a progressive approach to artificial intelligence that holds the promise of making AI more transparent, accountable, and thereby, impactful.

Championing Transparency in AI Across Key Industries

A long-standing hurdle in the path of AI implementation has been its enigmatic 'black box' nature. With the advent of Fiddler AI, this veil of mystery is finally lifting. Fiddler's XAI platform allows businesses to understand, explain, and monitor their AI models, providing unparalleled insights into their complex AI-driven operations. This is particularly crucial for large enterprises in the Financial Services, Government, and Healthcare/Life Sciences industries, where clarity and accountability are paramount.

Series A: Why now and what's next for Fiddler? | by Krishna Gade |  fiddlerlabs | Medium

From Machine Learning to Generative AI: Bridging the Gap

Fiddler AI's innovative technology isn't limited to traditional machine learning or deep learning models. As the AI space continues to evolve, the emergence of generative large language models has revolutionized the way we think about data analysis, decision-making, and even creative processes. Fiddler AI is helping businesses harness the power of these models by providing the tools necessary to understand and explain their outputs. By doing so, they are enabling companies to unlock the full potential of AI, while ensuring ethical and responsible usage.

Riding the Wave of Increasing Demand for XAI

Fiddler's offering hits the market at the perfect time. As AI permeates more industries, the need for tools offering transparency and accountability continues to surge. Regulatory bodies globally are also stepping up, requiring businesses to explain their AI-enabled decisions. Fiddler's unique proposition strategically positions them to tap into this growing market demand.

Explainable AI | Fiddler AI

A Stellar Team with a Proven Track Record

The team behind Fiddler AI further fuels our confidence in this investment. With an impressive track record in the AI and machine learning domains, the team at Fiddler has proven their ability to turn vision into reality. Their profound technical expertise, coupled with in-depth industry knowledge, sets them up for unprecedented innovation in the AI space.

Facebook, Samsung engineers quit to form A.I. start-up Fiddler Labs

Proven Product-Market Fit Across a Broad Customer Base

Fiddler AI has gone beyond theoretical solutions to deliver a tangible product that is already making waves across sectors. Their extensive and growing customer base testifies to the robust product-market fit and the real-world value their platform offers. This market traction reinforces our belief in their potential for exponential growth.

Conclusion: Illuminating the Future of AI with Fiddler

In essence, our investment in Fiddler AI reflects our conviction that the future of AI is explainable, and not only explainable but also expansive, encompassing everything from machine learning to generative large language models. Their pioneering technology promises to transform how businesses employ AI, rendering it more transparent, accountable, and effective. We're thrilled to partner with Fiddler AI and eagerly anticipate supporting them in their journey to reshape the AI landscape.

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