Securing the API-Driven World: Our Investment in CloudVector


Wally Wang

November 19, 2021

At SAV(Scale Asia Ventures), we are committed to supporting companies that leverage groundbreaking technology to create transformative solutions for critical challenges. We are proud to have invested in CloudVector, a leader in the API security space. The company's exceptional technology caught the attention of cybersecurity giant Imperva, which led to CloudVector's acquisition and integration as Imperva's core API security product offering.

Founded in 2018, CloudVector was established with the mission to provide comprehensive and advanced API security solutions for businesses. The company's cutting-edge technology and robust product offerings have quickly positioned CloudVector as a trailblazer in the API security landscape, leading to its acquisition by Imperva, a global leader in cybersecurity solutions.

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CloudVector's innovative technology focuses on securing APIs from threats and vulnerabilities while ensuring smooth and uninterrupted business operations. Key features of CloudVector's API security solution include:

  1. API Discovery: CloudVector's platform automatically discovers all APIs, providing complete visibility and enabling businesses to manage and secure their API ecosystems effectively.
  2. API Security: By identifying and protecting against various API threats, such as unauthorized access, data leakage, and injection attacks, CloudVector ensures comprehensive security for businesses' API-driven applications.
  3. Continuous Monitoring: CloudVector's platform continuously monitors API traffic, enabling real-time detection and mitigation of potential security threats and vulnerabilities.
  4. Compliance and Reporting: The platform facilitates compliance with regulatory requirements by providing granular insights, reporting, and analytics on API usage, security incidents, and trends.

Imperva's acquisition of CloudVector showcases the value and potential of CloudVector's technology in the ever-evolving cybersecurity landscape. By integrating CloudVector as its core API security product offering, Imperva strengthens its commitment to providing comprehensive and advanced security solutions for businesses operating in the API-driven digital world.

Imperva on Twitter: "NEWS: Imperva has entered an agreement to acquire  CloudVector, a leader in advanced API security, that discovers, monitors  and protects #API traffic in any environment from exploits and breaches.

Our investment in CloudVector was driven by several key factors that showcased the company's potential to revolutionize the API security landscape:

  1. Innovative Technology: CloudVector's cutting-edge API security solutions address the pressing need for advanced and comprehensive security in the API-driven digital world.
  2. Acquisition by Imperva: The acquisition by Imperva, a global leader in cybersecurity solutions, serves as a testament to the value and potential of CloudVector's technology and product offerings.
  3. Exceptional Team: CloudVector's talented and experienced team has driven the company's success in developing innovative solutions and navigating the complex cybersecurity landscape.

At SAV, we take pride in having invested in CloudVector, a company that has made a lasting impact on the API security landscape. As CloudVector's technology continues to thrive as a core component of Imperva's product offerings, we remain confident in the company's ability to shape the future of API security and protect businesses in the digital age.

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