Revolutionizing Medical Imaging with AI: Why We Invested in Subtle Medical


Wally Wang

March 31, 2023

At SAV(Scale Asia Ventures), we are committed to investing in groundbreaking companies that have the potential to transform industries and make a lasting impact. We are excited to announce our investment in Subtle Medical, a pioneering startup in the AI-powered medical imaging space. By leveraging cutting-edge artificial intelligence techniques, Subtle Medical is set to revolutionize the way we diagnose and treat patients across the globe.

Subtle Medical, founded in 2017, is an innovative AI-driven medical imaging company that focuses on enhancing imaging efficiency and patient experience. Their product offerings include SubtlePET, SubtleMR, and SubtleGAD, all of which use AI to optimize image quality, reduce scan times, and minimize the need for contrast agents. By providing faster and more accurate diagnostic tools, Subtle Medical is improving both patient outcomes and healthcare efficiency.

Why we invested in Subtle Medical's $12.2m series A round - Crista Galli VC
Founders of Subtle Medical

Subtle Medical's products stand out in the medical imaging market due to their ability to optimize image quality while reducing scan times and minimizing the use of contrast agents. These benefits are achieved through the application of advanced deep learning algorithms, which can analyze and process complex imaging data in real-time.

  1. SubtlePET: This AI-powered software solution enhances the quality of PET scans, enabling faster imaging times and lower doses of radioactive tracers. Faster scans lead to improved patient comfort and increased scanner throughput.
  2. SubtleMR: By using deep learning algorithms, SubtleMR enhances the quality of MRI scans while significantly reducing scan times. This results in a more efficient workflow for medical professionals and a more comfortable experience for patients.
  3. SubtleGAD: This software solution minimizes the need for gadolinium-based contrast agents in MRI scans. By doing so, it reduces the potential risks associated with these agents, such as nephrogenic systemic fibrosis in patients with impaired kidney function.

Subtle Medical is led by an exceptional team with extensive experience in medical imaging, AI, and deep learning. Co-founder and CEO, Dr. Enhao Gong, holds a Ph.D. in Electrical Engineering from Stanford University and has published numerous peer-reviewed articles in the field of medical imaging. The team also includes accomplished scientists, engineers, and advisors who are passionate about leveraging AI to improve healthcare.

Subtle Medical Awarded Phase II Funding of $1.6 Million SBIR Grant for  Safer MRI Exams and Named to CB Insights Digital Health 150 | Subtle Medical

The global medical imaging market is projected to reach $43.3 billion by 2025, with AI-powered imaging solutions expected to be a significant driver of this growth. Subtle Medical's innovative solutions cater to the increasing demand for efficient, accurate, and patient-friendly imaging technologies. As healthcare providers seek to improve diagnostic capabilities and patient outcomes, the potential for AI-driven solutions like those offered by Subtle Medical is immense.

We believe that Subtle Medical is uniquely positioned to revolutionize the medical imaging landscape through its AI-powered solutions. Key reasons for our investment include:

  1. Cutting-edge technology: Subtle Medical's deep learning algorithms offer significant improvements in imaging efficiency, patient experience, and diagnostic accuracy.
  2. Experienced team: The company's leadership and advisory team bring together expertise in AI, medical imaging, and healthcare, positioning them for success.
  3. Market potential: With a rapidly growing medical imaging market and increasing demand for AI-driven solutions, Subtle Medical has a significant opportunity to capture market share and drive innovation in the industry.
Subtle Medical Receives CE Mark for SubtlePET™ 2.0 to Expand Improved PET  Imaging Capabilities | Subtle Medical

We are excited to partner with Subtle Medical as they continue to push the boundaries of medical imaging and transform the way we diagnose and treat patients. By investing in this remarkable startup, we are confident that we are supporting a brighter, healthier future for all.

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